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Update - THETA Poker Pro (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple TV Poker Game) THETA Poker ProTHETA Poker Pro Version 1.9.0 released December 3, 2016. The sequel to the fastest, strongest, and easiest-to-use iOS No Limit Texas Hold 'Em game has a Career Mode, even better AI, and dozens of other new features for all devices running iOS or tvOS 8 and higher.

My iOS Apps (Native)

THETA PokerTHETA Poker Pro ($3.99)
The strongest, fastest, and most customizable Texas Hold 'Em game. Universal app for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches running iOS 8+ and fourth generation Apple TVs.
BreastfeedBreastfeeding Management 2 ($1.99)
Breastfeeding information for clinicians.

My Web Apps (for any device, but specifically designed for the iPhone and iPod touch screen)

A Racing GameA Racing Game (freeware)
A game that keeps you mentally sharp and satisfies your need to compete.
MarqMarq (freeware)
A low-tech way of communicating with the iPhone and iPod touch.


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