Race your car to the finish line by erasing matching pairs of simple equations. Tap your fingers as you exercise your mind! A Racing Game is a simple game designed to keep your mind sharp. Tap on any pair of boxes that have the same value (e.g., "1+2" and "7–4" or "8÷2" and "2×2") to advance your car. The faster you reach the checkered flag, the more bonus points you earn.

Press the Start button to begin a new game, the Options button to set your preferences, the Help button to bring up this page, the About button to learn about me, or the Share button to e-mail the A Racing Game link to a friend (note: e-mail on the iPod touch requires version 1.1.3 or higher of the OS and purchase through iTunes).

A Racing Game Options

You can set the following three options by tapping on their respective values:

Options are saved between launches if you have cookies enabled.

A Racing Game High Scores

Non-practice games that are played with Hard or Auto difficulty qualify for the high score board. Your top three scores are saved with your initials (up to three letters), so you can track your results over time. Tap on any score to see when it was set. You can view the high score board by tapping on the Scores button on either the Main screen or the Final Score screen.

Good luck!

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Comments, feedback, and enhancement requests are always welcome at rjen@rjen.com.