Meet the lowest-tech way to communicate using your iPhone or iPod touch. The Marq web application scrolls messages, marquee-style across your device for others to view from fifteen, twenty-five, or more feet away. You can save your favorite messages and options or just bookmark the main Marq web page and create new messages anytime inspiration strikes.

Marq fields:

Marq buttons:

Note: tapping Go in the keyboard dialog invokes the Make Bookmarkable button not the Show Message button. This goes back to the server and is slower, so most of the time you'll want to press the Done button and then hit the Show Message button.

A few of the unlimited uses for Marq:

There is a special local version of Marq especially for iPod touch users that works without an internet connection. When you are connected, go to click on the link on that page and then bookmark the resulting data url. You can then use your newly created bookmark anytime, anywhere.

Note: Marq has no connection with the iQuee static marquee application released in January 2008.

What are you using Marq for? Comments, feedback, and enhancement requests are always welcome at

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