Trivia Why's
Trivia Why's 1 Cover

Over 2,000 trivia questions and
2,000 factoids in each book

Trivia Why's 2 Cover

Short Answers (Volumes 1 and 3) or
Multiple Choice (Volumes 2 and 4)

Please e-mail if interested in purchasing. Each ebook has a $8.95 list price but is on sale for $4.95.

About The Trivia Why's E-Book Series

The Trivia Why's e-book series includes four phenomenal, groundbreaking trivia books. The e-book format solves the dreaded "How do we try to hide the answers?" problem as elegantly as possible: the question goes on one page and answer on the next! Yes, that means each book has over 4,000 pages, but no trees were killed in the process (on behalf the entire planet Earth, please don't try to print out your copy of the book).

The short-answer questions in the odd-numbered volumes are for people who like to think for themselves, while the multiple-choice questions in the even-numbered volumes are for people who like to have choices.

The Trivia Why's e-books are provided in eReader format, which is readable on Windows, Macintosh, Palm OS, Pocket PC/Windows Mobile, and Symbian devices using the free eReader software. Check out the platform-specific viewing hints.

Sample Pages

The first 120+ pages of each e-book are available on the Trivia Why's Excerpts Page. Download the free eReader software to view the unzipped files.

Updates, Corrections, and Miscellaneous Notes

Since trivia is a moving target, this updates section will provide information from events that occurred after the books were published, corrections (hopefully not many), and extra tidbits that did not fit neatly into the books' format.

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